Saturday, November 28, 1998


JSH: My irresponsibility

I hate to admit it but the posts by Arturo finally struck a nerve. For several years now I've mainly thought of you out there as caricatures or two-dimensional figures in my own drama, and rarely as living breathing 3-d human beings.

It has made it easier to run roughshod over conventions or do whatever I wanted for the sake of expediency, and to not adequately check over what I presented.

It took 3 drafts after the terribly defined FLT Proof (draft 6) post for me to finally fix things, as I continued to leave the term "field of integers" in my definition of the problem.

Well, that's basically indefensible, so I won't defend it. All I can do now is attempt to correct my previous errors, and not repeat them.

Sunday, November 15, 1998


JSH: Why initials up front

In case you think I put my initials in front of most of my posts out of arrogance, it seems at least one person was upset that he couldn't tell that I was posting from the subject lines and his newsgroup software didn't give the identity of the poster like most folks.

So, I told him I thought he was a bit of a tight-butt; however, I've since usually put my initials in front at his request.

Thursday, November 12, 1998


JSH: Tonite, proof complete

I've waited with mentally held breath while I trundled through the stages which always previously lead me inevitably to the conclusion that I was wrong, wrong, wrong about having a proof of FLT.

So, here I am again at the final stage where I put something together as completely as I can with as much detail as is needed. There will be no references to previous posts and no statements that this or that is "obvious".

If no posts follow tonite then I'm crying into my pillow because I've realized that I'm an idiot again.

OK. Enough talk. Here goes.

-Ok, so my clock is wrong, oops. I seem to be posting into the future.

But, since I'm going to set it right now, this post comes before my FLT proof post which says it was posted after 11pm EST while this one comes before.

(Geez, would anyone actually like time travel?)

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