Tuesday, April 08, 1997


I was fine before the radiation!

I just realized that all of this craziness with Fermat's Last Theorem started while I was working as a radiation safety officer. My superior, a cruel and evil major, made me work in the radiation storage area for long periods of time (and he called me nasty names and did other stuff which made me want to shoot him with an M-16 but then they'd have sent me to Leavenworth or the firing squad and I figured it wasn't worth it but I really wanted to anyway so I got out)..

I fear that it affected my mental processes in some way.

However, I think I'm over it (and I managed to get out of the radiation field). So now that I've returned to sanity (at least temporarily). I can forget about pure math problems.

Well, I must say that I have a new perspective of mathematicians. Geez, how do you guys take this field day-in and day-out?

Please don't take that as a negative. Humanity needs you (I think), so keep it up!

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