Saturday, March 06, 1999


JSH: Joke has an unhappy punchline

I've mentioned before that the way I see it, the Universe is playing a cosmic joke on the "pure" math community. Doesn't sound fair but that's the way it appears to be.

Anyone notice that no one has been able to produce an error in my latest proof of FLT? And don't proffer the excuse that no one has looked at it. I've produced attempts over four years, and whenever I pushed like this, someone would point out fatal errors. There is after all an entire planet of you who supposedly love math.

Sure some have claimed one exists and not produced it. Others have started the boring discussions on portions of the proof that were verified by some of your bests, specifically David Rusin. (I guess they're desperate to prove him wrong!)

Sorry folks. This game has been played by someone with a very stacked deck. Bet against me. That's the way you're supposed to play.

I've given you every opportunity to figure it out on your own. At times I've almost begged someone else to come up with the answer ahead of me.

I've challenged you verbally. Deliberately insulted you. More often I've been congratulatory and appreciative when I've been helped. Through it all, you've had almost as much information as I have, and you started out with much more, including the knowledge of almost four centuries of work since the problem was presented.

I warned you that there was nothing you could do to stop what will happen.

The only thing you can do now is lessen the total damage, which I can see you have no interest in. Or, as is more likely, you're blinded by your humanity. Not such a bad thing I guess. But, you still are responsible for your actions and you bear the responsibility of your group as well.

Believe me, as each day goes by, the hammer grows bigger and the swing gains momentum…

And the impact will echo throughout Time.

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