Saturday, April 03, 1999


JSH: "Harris conjecture" re: FLT

My current method for FLT proves that with x^p + y^p = z^p

(x+y-z)^p= p(z-x)(z-y)(x+y)Q.

Assuming integer and nonzero x,y,z the Q must be integer and nonzero.

With x,y,z pairwise coprime, I prove that q = 3, or Q = 3^p.

David Libert calls this the "Harris Conjecture" and has proven FLT if it is true.

Now, I find the proof that leads to my result for q to be sorta strange so I'm a bit bemused.

So far, it seems pretty solid and is based on simple properties of complex numbers.

Now, if that is true and I'm sitting on (with David's work) a simple proof of FLT then I must say that would be interesting.

Because of that (despite the groans that will be forthcoming) I'm going to repost.

Now, actually you should be happy about that. Usually I find errors when I repost because I go through the arguments again, so if I don't repost then I've found some error that kills it all.

That really wouldn't be so bad as far as I'm concerned but it would be a bit boring.

I'm too tired to go through it all tonite, so I'll repost tomorrow.

Of course, someone could save me the trouble if they could find an error before then.

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