Thursday, September 17, 1998


JSH: The philosophy of nothing

Students of human history quickly come to the conclusion that there is nothing that isn't intimately related to the needs of the group. To say that human beings are social creatures is almost a tautology.

What that means is that "truth" is less something abstract than something real, the definition of which varies at the whim of the group…even in mathematics. These variations tend to be more of emphasis than direct contradiction. So much cannot be accomplished when so many things that are uncomfortable are simply ignored.

As human beings we live with the "great" questions of life, and the inevitability of death. Some of us actually hope to get some answers before that goodnight. But most are cogs in the wheel. Good cells willing to die for the group having always had all the "answers".

In the end, all the glory of the chase belongs to the gamblers. And even they are a cosmic joke. A stray gene here and a stray gene there and you're addicted to the adrenaline. You have to challenge like a young bull because that's just who you are. That's what the testosterone that's taking your hair is telling you to do. That's what the symphony of the neurons makes real. Anything less and it's all gray.

I recently discovered that I'm a humanist and a deist. If that means nothing to you then I think you're education is still in its infancy.

But, I swear I'd be good if you could prove to me that I have an immortal soul. And if you could prove that I don't, I'd kill you. Think of it as the human condition.

Logic is only as good as its foundations. And if you think logic has real
foundation then again you're education is suspect. Think of it all as a Zen
koan. And if you can figure it out, then you're in the same boat as me.

Oh yeah, there is no such thing as nothing.

I got an email praising me on what a great satire I wrote, and I laughed immediately, which surprised me. I seem to remember being dead serious when I wrote it…then I remembered I was also drunk.

I think there's "nothing" more to it than that. But maybe my "education" is faulty or my "logic" suspect…lol.

But, I'm certain that the thinning hair is "real".

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