Wednesday, February 14, 2001


I was wrong.

I don't know how many people have psychoanalyzed me over the years…wait, before I get into that, I'll talk about the math.

Yes, as you figured those people who were getting on my case about my argument that I thought proved Fermat's Last Theorem were correct in many ways.

What's really dumb for me is that I came up with a test of those expressions, which they failed, and then I went around for days claiming they passed!

I wouldn't be posting to say just that if I hadn't gone back to what was accepted and moved from there. I've done the pitiful, "I'm sorry", "oh I was stupid, and I'm sorry" posts before, and I think they're kind of a waste.

But I have received a lot of attention on this newsgroup because of the math that is right. It turns out that there was not much distance from there.

Then again, you may not want to hear it, and if so you have the option you have always had which is to go away.

If you're curious the website has been changed, I've temporarily removed one page since it hasn't, and everything is linked to at

Ok, back to the psychology stuff. I got mad and that anger has often colored my judgement. When people call me names on the newsgroup, I get madder, and it turns out that I can get even to a certain extent.

But hey, I'm done with the destructive cycle, or at least I recognize I have a problem and I'll do my best not to keep doing it.

Still if you don't acknowledge that I'm correct you institution will pay. Just kidding!!!!! Come on, it can be funny if you think about it from a certain perspective, right?

Oh yeah, to you people who are spamming the newsgroup:

Please stop (and don't just reply to this saying that I'm spamming the newsgroup and should stop as you'd be wasting your time).

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