Monday, October 25, 1999


JSH: Primes

Just so that it's completely understood. I'm saying that the general reduced form for Q produces primes. And I'm saying that I can prove (almost trivially) that it shows primes from 5 on, in order. That is, the first coefficient gives 5, the second gives 7, and so on out to infinity.

The method for showing the general form of Q, also happens to show FLT to be true (also almost trivially). I find this interesting, but almost boring given the rest.

After all, I was beaten in proving FLT by five years. I find it better that it's more of a sideshow to the main attraction.

My Q of course comes from the identity

(x+y-z)^p = x^p + y^p - z^p + p(z-x)(z-y)(x+y)Q.

I'm told that it's a trivial thing to find and that you folks have know all you needed to know about Q for centuries. That's even better as far as I'm concerned.

I am in the process of filling in the details of the proof of FLT on my website. Currently it only shows the outline. Which should be enough for any of you "experts" who want to verify what I say.

I'm going to take my time. I have no doubt I'll get many opportunities to prove some points in posts while everything works out, slowly.

I've begun this process already. Possibly there is one among you who will lessen the "destruction"? I've been looking for this person for some time and no longer believe that she or he exists. Oh well. What must be, must be. There is still a small amount of time left.

And time will tell.

Wednesday, October 06, 1999


JSH: Public Apology to Professor Ullrich

Professor Ullrich:

In reading your latest postings I can see that you appear to be quite upset. I am sorry if I have caused this state of mind.

My intention has been to create a stir, controversy and bring attention to what I believe is useful mathematics which has somehow escaped notice up until this time.

It is not to cause harm to any particular individual.

To a certain extent, I assumed that your postings were as a willing participant in "the Game", which is something that I've chosen to define in various ways dependent on the situation. But, in this context, it's a verbal free-for-all where the goal is verbal one upmanship. I only recently realized that you were taking all of this very personally.

I apologize for any personal distress that this "game" may have caused. I am fairly certain that hardly anyone has taken this seriously, and I've seen lots of posts about its appearance of entertainment. I've also made posts that I thought indicated it wasn't to be taken seriously.

I will not reply to any of your posts, but primarily as a means to defuse the situation. Besides, I'm going back to not posting after this.

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