Thursday, November 01, 2007


JSH: Explaining DMESE, again

I came up with a copy protection idea where if you buy a DVD, or a CD as it can work on that too, your copying equipment, like your CD burner would make an encrypted copy that only it could read.

So you can't hand off the copy as it's encrypted—to your drive.

That is why it is self-encryption.

Enterprising people wanting to break the system and copy illegally could just hand off the CD or DVD they bought, to their friends so they could make their own encrypted copies, so I added that the system asks for the bought disk after 30 days.

So you would need to give your friends the bought DVD or CD, again, after the system asks for it, later.

Now then, some of you very poor people who can do nothing else, or you criminal types who will get something for free if you can no matter what, will laugh and say, no problem, you'll just have friends in line to get the DVD back again whenever, no matter how many hoops you have to jump through.

But most people will just buy their own.

That is DMESE—Digital Media Equipment Self-Encryption.

It is about making it just annoying enough to make illegal copies that most people will not bother unless they are so poor they will go through the trouble, or unless they are so criminally minded they will jump through hoops to copy illegally.

I have read replies to my posts that indicate that those of you willing to reply to me do NOT GET IT which amazes me because it means you are remarkably dumb. Because it is not that complicated!!!

Now it is important on a math newsgroup because my issue with the math community is that it is full of fakes who know how to pretend to be smart when really that is ALL they know—pretending—and they do not really know mathematics, but get away with acting because society does not care to check.

I know mathematicians act because I have the mathematical proofs that show it, as mathematicians continue to dodge them so I am going to the dramatic act of turning to industry to get leverage to embarrass mathematicians and bring serious scrutiny so that quite a few professors can be blocked from ever teaching students again.

Now then, my idea I think is a good one, but the industry is actually supposed to be implementing some kind of standard for what they call "managed copy" at the end of the year.

If by some remarkable miracle they implement something like my idea then I will use the attention generated to make mathematicians around the world very miserable.

That is the story.

You people need to show you have a modicum of intelligence and are not just totally dumb and understand the story.

IF you cannot understand this story then you will make very dumb replies that show you have the intellect of a cow.

Please try to sound at least quasi-intelligent in reply.

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