Saturday, August 26, 2000



I'm usually against using derogatory terms to characterize people, but I find it useful to mention to you when certain people's derogatory terms accurately describe them.

Now, I've been called a troll (an attention seeker I think it is, as in trolling for attention or something) more than once.

And, in fact, I made a rather nice post in response that can probably be found with a deja search using my name, "troll", and "what me troll".

What's extraordinary to me now is how many people who like to do the namecalling are so obviously trolls themselves as shown by their responses to my posts.

I'm talking about the people who day, after day, after day respond to my posts. (They freak me out folks.)

And, they make long threads in reply to my posts, mainly talking to each other, because I lost interest in talking to most of them a long time ago.

Hardly anyone else even replies to my posts, so it's obvious enough that their claims of protecting others is just an excuse, and a rather poor one at that.

Now, I've been rather tolerant of them, and I admit that I've egged them on at times because they give me an indication of how much attention I'm getting.

I know that if you are paying attention to me, then they will be posting too.

Oops, am I admitting to being a troll?

Well, which one of you posts in the hope that no one will pay attention to you?

Now, I'm trying to bring your attention to an important mathematical result.

And, lest you forget, I did solve FLT for odd primes p>3, and I've explained how many times.

For those of you who find the explanation difficult, but are curious, I've asked you to ask your fellow mathematicians a simple question.

Just ask them for the expression for p=5.

They'll probably know what you mean just from that.

Oh yeah, that reply I mentioned at the start. It was to Lynn Killingbeck. Her name will probably help the search as well. She's had some recent posts in some threads I started as well, and I daresay she might want to look in the mirror before calling other people names.

But that's the problem now, isn't it?

The kind of people who call other people names don't look in the mirror.

Everything is wrong with everybody else, right?

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about people. Like you, I deal with it and move on.

But everyone once in a while, I comment about it, like I've done today.

Wednesday, August 09, 2000


Perspectives, and a peace offering

I see myself as a problem solver.

To me that means throwing everything you have at a problem until it is solved.

In doing so, I'm more than happy to attack conventional thinking, bend standard rules, or behave impolitely.

That last results because I've found it necessary to get information from other people.

I knew what I needed, and I didn't necessarily worry about playing nice to get it.

However, all of that comes with a cost, and I wasn't the only one that paid as can be seen by the uproars I've created on newsgroups.

My belief has been and is that the benefits outweighed the cost for most concerned.

Today, we all get to look at something that was actually always there, which is the simple proof of Fermat's Last Theorem for p>3.

Not surprisingly, the mathematics that forms the basis of this proof has an applicability that goes beyond it, and many new questions are raised about the fundamental properties of polynomial expressions.

My job isn't to explore those possibilities.

My assumption is that they aren't explored because understanding even some of them requires the mechanics revealed by the simple proof.

And I believe that the proof wouldn't have met the resistance that it did, if these concepts weren't new to most of you.

But it did meet a lot of resistance, and my next problem was overcoming that and bringing general knowledge of the proof to the world.

My posting has been done in a deliberate attempt to greatly accelerate the length of time that a new result like this would take to become accepted.

It is becoming clear that the desired threshold has been reached, so I see no need to continue operations in an antagonistic manner.

I have mentioned behavior by some of you that I felt was either a dishonor to yourselves and your organization, or was especially annoying to me.

However, I am a human as the next person, and I fall prey to my own perspectives, my own beliefs, and my own failings.

Therefore, I see no reason to push the issue about the behavior of any particular person.

I no longer intend to write any letters addressing such to anybody.

I also feel that mathematicians have behaved in a way consistent with research on human behavior, and that they should not be chastised by me as a group for simply being human.

So, I'm offering my wish that we can all move forward in a productive way, with little acrimony, bitterness, or anger.

I will do my best to help make that happen.

As a final thought, something that has helped me all these years is seeing life as a great adventure, and the pursuit of truth, as the greatest adventure of all.

Sunday, August 06, 2000


Ok, you can stop this whenever

Some of you don't yet realize that the powers that be, that is the people you all look up to an admire as "the authorities" already know that my arguments are correct.

They are now debating what they are going to do.

While they do that they are quite willing to not only let you remain clueless, but let you continue to post things that you may regret later.

Like I've said before, think before you post.

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