Saturday, October 07, 2000


"Words to the wise"

I get bored with all of you rather regularly but I feel a commitment to the truth, so I continue to post and scan through posts sort of regularly.

I was looking through posts today and I started to get that queasy feeling in my stomach from dealing with a situation that is so pathetic that I feel a need to help stop the wholesale slaughter.

So, let me make a few suggestions.

If you don't understand the arguments that I use to prove Fermat's "last theorem" thoroughly, then don't post.

If you do post, I suggest that you stick to math.

Whining, complaining, or otherwise acting like a child will bring loud guffaws from me which none of you get to hear, and sometimes I'll get an impossible to resist urge to reply to you despite your total lack of understanding of the situation.

Even if you are completely out of it, you must realize by now that I am read over the entire world.

That means that when you post you are potentially looking like an idiot to a very wide audience.

And believe me, despite your belief that you know how other people will react to your posts, take it from a master, you have no idea.

I do what I do because I can back up what I say with mathematics, and it just so happens that I've done what I said I did.

Now, you can not believe that, and I don't care.

I start to care when you decide to broadcast your ignorance to the world.

If you can prove me wrong, then more power to you, but I find it extraordinary that I keep having to lecture people on math newsgroups about backing up what they say with math .

With all that said, these forums offer the wonder of freedom of speech.

You are all free to say whatever you want.

And I am free to answer as I please.


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