Wednesday, May 07, 2003


My apologies, from James Harris

I clearly enjoy the great freedom to express ideas that Usenet gives me, but I'm also concerned at times when I see threads I've started piling up in a particular newsgroup as I don't want to importune others. So I apologize to those who feel put upon.

But also I think other people should post more, as Usenet offers a unique opportunity to talk to the people all over the world, and I can assue you that it is a valuable resource, despite comments of mine in the past decrying it.

These forums are not private; they are public in a way that many of you may not grasp completely. You are speaking to the world when you post.

And, amazingly enough, the world listens, to at least some extent.

I say speak your minds, and enjoy the wonderful opportunity to express yourself that is provided by Usenet.

Sure, often most of what you say, like a lot of what I say, may be wrong, or off, or just complete crap. But hey, post it, and people can ignore it. It's like ignoring all those television channels.

Hopefully though, some of what you post will be interesting, and some of it will be glorious, and I say we're all better off that you made the effort.

And yes I do care because I care about what you value. Each day I see how important we are to each other, when I go to the store, or watch TV, go to a movie, or a restaurant, and see how much we depend on each other.

Your values affect me. What you care about, or don't care about affects my life, and my future.

Here on Usenet you can battle with ideas. You can fight fiercely, with all your heart and passion, without having to hurt a single person. Ultimately the great thing about ideas is that people hurt by the really good ones are actually hurting themselves.

Ok, soapbox time about over, so I want to urge you all to post more. I don't like it when threads I create pile up. It makes me nervous.

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