Friday, October 01, 2010


JSH: What more?

I see replies to my posts from the SAME PEOPLE ALL THE TIME and they don't say anything new or interesting to me. But I've finally accepted that I get a big boost from Usenet, as I can look at analytics data across my websites—3 blogs plus—where primary impact is on my math blog. I don't like telling a lot about the data, but simply presenting the "core error" as a puzzle gave a massive boost to my blog, and I will say that I've now had hits from 50 countries in the last 30 days. A nice jump.

And it was FAST. So I'm thinking more about Usenet now.

But I'm concerned about efficiency. Certain posters have obsessively replied to me for years and they're stuck in a time warp.

For them I'll always be just this little crank that they put down and dismiss, who refuses to kiss their ass, but who desperately—they think—just wants their approval. But their replies I think drive out others, so I'm not seeing the maximum use of Usenet that I'd like.

So for OTHERS, what kinds of things do you need to know about my math? What more? As in more of what kind of information?

More of the research as puzzles? Maybe even—God help me because I hate the thought—homework?

As I shift from insult based antagonism, is that a bad idea? I think that conflict is a driver but I'm wary as the world grows up online of being too nasty in replies to people. But is softening just bad for the entertainment aspect?

How much entertainment is actually needed?

Are there any areas of focus: prime residues more? prime gap more? solving residues more? "core error" more? Diophantine equations more? Logic more?

Over a decade I've managed to cover just about all of number theory and a good chunk of logic. And I like poking at established researchers as I can take over search results. Kind of get a kick out of the thought of those guys—mostly guys you know—furious whenever they do web searches seeing my math pop up!

Oh, so maybe that could be fun?

What areas of mathematics might I take over next? What established researcher might I poke by pushing my own research up ahead of his in web searches?

At this point I have a HUGE ability to go into just about any area of mathematics at will. And it doesn't take much effort.

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