Friday, October 01, 2010


JSH: Questioning world appeal

I keep mentioning country counts as they really have me wondering and I don't have the full answers yet, but I can't just dismiss them as I've been looking at web analytics data now for years, and I know that you just don't have your work appeal to people in roughly 40 countries month after month, easily. It's just kind of hard to do, and the thing about it is, I'm not appealing. It's my math.

So my math is this driver that doesn't really bring me along, so while I can' get the definition of mathematical proof with a search on—definition of mathematical proof—a search on my name in Google gets, and it's not even in the top 10!!! So my personal negatives are HUGE.

People aren't clicking on my math blog from 120 countries for anything about me. It's my math.

Oh, and it is a harsh negative to Usenet that you can have these hanger's on who will reply to you like they're big important people—aka BIP's—and they say the stupidest crap. So they will say, with all seriousness—that Google search results are meaningless.

Yeah, for them, as they don't have dominance in the search result arena with anything important, and I've learned one crucial thing: people lie their asses off.

One thing I've learned more and more over the years is that people will just lie to you. And the bigger the thing, the more you'll find people who will line up to lie.

So ran the numbers of the year for my math blog, and only up to 98 countries/territories this year according to Google Analytics.

Thousands of cities and you wonder—what were those people thinking? Oh, so how many cities? Typed that about "thousands" so got curious and actually checked—imagine a pause as I went to see—it's only 1974 cities. So not quite thousands.

I'm in the US and I don't know any blogs I read even from the UK, let alone, say, Stockholm, which was the #5 city (London is as usual #1 for visits). If it's not in English I wouldn't be able to do anything with it anyway.

I can look at stats across my blogs for a lot of languages and wonder about that as well.

And some freaking nobodies who have ripped on me for YEARS from back when none of that was true will tell me today that Google hit counts mean nothing? That Google search results mean nothing? And talk as if anyone with a website gets hits from just about the entire world?

People will lie to you about just about anything.

People lie.

These turds sit in my threads. I can't put up a thread without one of these idiots replying.

And they reply just like they did years ago! They're frozen in freaking time, but they clog up the thread. Reply just about as soon as I put something up, and I rarely hear from anyone else.

I used to call them attention parasites. I think of them as attention barnacles. They settle on the big ship, and increase the drag, but how do these people take themselves seriously? The angry idiots. That's another name I've called them at times.

What do they see when they look in the mirror?

I think they see someone that few people notice. I think they see a person who mostly is ignored in the big wide world.

So they rush to Usenet to see if I've put up a thread and they can post a reply in it…

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