Sunday, September 26, 2010


JSH: Who is Erik Max Francis?

Oh hey, maybe a better test of my influence is to ask a question that has been bugging me a bit, as yes, there still is that webpage slamming me as a crank and crackpot, which still comes up quite high in Google searches when I search on my name.

Near as I can tell "Erik Max Francis" not only has no intentions of ever taking it down, he doesn't even seem to care about updating it any more, so I guess he thinks I'm done and buried—by him.

So I need some info: is that his real name? What is he doing lately? Is he still actively slamming people adding them to his site?

Oh yeah, from what I've gathered from his site he's a computer developer in San Jose. Is that true? What's his community connections?

Why is he such an angry person?

Nothing mean here!!! Just curious about this guy, and if giving info about him seems tasteless, how about answering this question: how compelling is his site?

Do readers find it important as to how they think of me?

Do they think it fair for someone to slam another person like that and just walk away, leaving it up indefinitely?

Or, is it completely fair? Hey if it is, why can't I do it someday? Maybe to YOU?

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