Wednesday, September 22, 2010


JSH: When error feels natural

The problem I face is not proof. Even a moderately skeptical person would find my ability to use the latest technologies of our world, web search, to give my own personal definition of mathematical proof to be at least of interest.

Yet supposedly intelligent posters on sci.math dismiss it outright.

And dismiss Google along with it! Claiming that search results are meaningless.

Even when I've defined mathematical proof. As if anyone could do it and take over the world of search results with their own definition.

Error on this scale is outside of any of the boundaries of known response.

Quite simply a rather remarkable error took over the mathematical field in the late 18th century. To protect living in error, math people today will deny any and all evidence because the error is their normal.

The error removes the usefulness of Galois Theory showing that to be what I call a display theory only.

Proving the error is trivial. Doing dramatic things is trivial as well.

Taunted about publication I GOT PUBLISHED and the journal editors caved to social pressure, pulled my paper after publication, and then the journal quietly died. Its hosting university scrubbed all mention of it. About ten years of math papers were tossed as trash by the United States—saved by EMIS.

But that's nothing, right?

I'm more important than any one of you by that measure. Than even dozens of you. How many mathematicians were published in that journal? Did it matter?

Do you think any of you would have fared any better?

None of you are important enough. None of your results are important enough. Any journal where I had managed to get published its likely the result would have been the same. Any journal. I've pondered how long the Annals might have survived.

The error is your life now. It has taken over the mathematical world. It feeds on your minds. It needs them.

It is the one true power of the "pure math" world. It may have created the idea of "pure mathematics" in order to survive.

It is a virus of the human intellect. And it is more powerful than any of you.

And more important than all of you, as it demonstrated by crushing that mathematical journal without effort.

It can do the same to any of your research efforts at will. You live at its mercy.

This war is a fight for the soul of the human race. And it is one of the greatest battles in the history of this species.

If it is lost, the future of humanity is lost with it, as mathematics is lost.

And without correct mathematics, the human species has no future.

Well, at least, not a future worth living.

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