Friday, September 03, 2010


JSH: Routinely beating mathematicians

One thing worth mentioning—again—is that now I'm routinely beating even supposedly top mathematicians in their own fields when it comes to web search results. (Great fun of course for a supposed "crank" or "crackpot". I can beat them head-to-head, toe-to-toe. My research crushing theirs. THAT is sweet victory.)

One of my favorite examples.

Search: binary quadratic Diophantine equations

I like that esoteric example as posters ROUTINELY—people who nobody really knows of course as who else would try?—claim that I'm simply giving highly specific searches that link back to me for that reason. Or they claim that Google is biased towards me for various often bizarre and I'd say nonsensical reasons, for the searches that I note primarily seem to come up highly in Google.

In case after case you can compare me to any elite researcher in the world and note his or her position.

Of course web searches are not scholarly journals or rankings within the math industry itself. Big deal. If I'm the guy that most people are directed to then in time I will BE the establishment.

It is just about time.

That's how it has always worked historically. Always.

The Old Guard fights it, of course, and they always lose.

More search results with which to consider:

definition of mathematical proof
prime residue axiom
solving residues
object ring

REALITY for many a math student as she or he goes to class today is that when they do searches on the web on various math topics—if they do I don't know if they do—then my research may often be appearing there as well.

So why aren't mathematicians howling to the search engines asking them to correct their search rankings?

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