Wednesday, September 15, 2010


JSH: Ran into a wall

Nothing has really worked. Publication just ended up with the journal dead. I've used tautological spaces against quadratic Diophantines, so what. Worked out a prime counting function that actually leads directly to continuous functions. Nothing.

I branched out. Moved into pop culture and general problem solving. Gave a healthcare plan in a single 140 character "perfect" tweet. Nothing.

Gave ideas for YouTube to Google. Ideas to Yahoo. Gave political ideas. Economic ideas. Nothing.

Gave a freaking idea to the post office. Trivial little thing, but still. NOTHING.

My analysis is indicating that the world as it claims to exist does not. There seems to be a single global governing body made up of hereditary members primarily located in Great Britain. A hidden royal family.

I have indications that world history is mostly fictional.

That this world is mostly a well-told lie. Ruled by a small group of people. Who have near absolute power.

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