Tuesday, September 14, 2010


JSH: How do we resolve this situation?

The "we" in the subject line is not royal, as I'm kind of perplexed, and I'm looking for feedback. We need to figure out this situation. Even these latest explanations on the subtle behavior of the ring of algebraic integers are just re-hashes of the same thing repeated. I've known it all for years and talked about it for years.

Latest major change was using 9 instead of 7, so I'm going to just ask the newsgroup, how do we resolve this situation?

The mathematics will not change.

Over the years I've watched posters go through any number of gyrations in trying to obfuscate this result, but the big question in my mind is, why bother?

WHAT are they trying to protect? The ring of algebraic integers has this behavior. It's an objective thing. People didn't realize it had this behavior before I started howling about it (we should hope), and now it's known, so why would mathematical society pretend it does not exist?

MY guess has always been its a social thing where a society is protecting itself.

But what about any love of mathematical truth, or even just curiosity?

By now I have a lot more than just the discovery of the core error. I've wondered about curiosity—lack of it—with quite a few of my results, especially some of the later ones.

Can a need to hold on to a particular social order be that great? What do any of you actually believe in?

I've noted before that by now I can walk into any math office of any supposedly great "pure math" mathematician and shred his research, at will. At will.

His protection, however, remains the willingness of not only supposedly smart people worldwide to ignore a fascinating issue with algebraic integers, but for new students to willingly give up any hope of mathematical greatness for themselves!

It's almost as if, none of you wish to be great.

I find that puzzling.

Not a single math student over all the world with a desire for greatness?

When did that happen?

Where is the human species going then? If none of the people who pursue mathematics today care if they're actually right, or care if history will ever remember them?

If there is a human future, I will be in it, as one of the great discoverers. But it appears that none of you wish to be in it at all.

Why not?

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