Thursday, September 02, 2010


JSH: Fairly simple to prove

I think it interesting to start a thread on the SOCIAL aspects of this result, as it was always fairly trivial in a way relying on the distributive property as those who notice my thread on broken symmetry can easily see, where I again use a VERY simple system of equations:

7(g_1(x) + 1)(g_2(x) + 2) = (f_1(x) + 7)(f_2(x) + 7) = 7*P(x)

where P(x) is a quadratic polynomial with integer coefficients, and g_1(0) = g_2(0) = 0, and at least one of the f's equals 0 as well when
x = 0.

And I prove with those rules that one of the f's has 7 as a factor, as the 7 cannot split up, though notice I didn't use the word "factor" in that thread!!! Years of arguments would revolve around things like the word "factor" as posters fought this result tooth-and-nail, which they have done to this day.

But it is mathematics. Social arguing doesn't win, does it?

Not mathematically but in a social context, didn't it?

The history of the world has been changed.

Human progress itself in number theory is being held in check!!! Worldwide.

Yet it's fairly simple to prove.

This post itself will probably yield derision in reply, and I've pondered for years what these people are fighting for, and it does make one wonder.

Is an idea of success better than actual success?

Well if you're a math professor at say, Harvard, aren't you rewarded daily? As you go to your office, and have students listening eagerly to you, and accept all the other perks, what matters if you are right?

As long as people BELIEVE you are right?

What's the difference really?

Over the years I've wondered how they get away with it, and over the years I've realized that as human beings people probably accept that a lot of what they know is complete garbage. But does that matter?

Who are the truly blessed who know what truth is?

And are they truly blessed?

Yes. They are. They live in the world as it is.

While others live in the world that others create for them.

The people who fight this result don't want the real world. It's like the movie "The Matrix" where they're plugged in, and controlled by the machines. That world is better to them than harsh reality of true mathematics.

So they fight to stay in, to stay plugged into the Matrix.

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