Friday, August 20, 2010


JSH: Upheavals in mathematics

One of the weirder things mathematicians reportedly pride themselves on, is the lack of upheavals in their discipline like those in physics, which is the discipline I was trained in, as I got a B.Sc. in physics from Vanderbilt University.

Now on the surface that can seem like a reasonable claim: mathematicians purportedly rely on mathematical proof. Mathematical ideas if correct often have a concrete reality that is as obvious as 2+2 = 4, a simple example of that type of reality.

(I DEFINED mathematical proof. Search in Google: definition of mathematical proof )

Yet I, a physics graduate, claim that there is a HUGE error in established number theory i.e. a major upheaval in the field, which is being ignored.

What gives?

Well it's "pure math" which is a perfect way to be perfectly wrong— and hide it. But with a dogmatic field that claims it can DO NO WRONG years have passed by while I slog forward pushing the argument forward year after year.

The error is so easy to show it actually violates the distributive property, and has the field of complex numbers in contradiction with the ring of algebraic integers.

Yup, the field of complex numbers contradicting the ring of algebraic integers.

They fight. Guess who wins?

Search for it on Google: algebraic integers vs complex numbers

That is a demonstration of world interest that is dismissed by posters who reply that being #1 in Google search results is "meaningless". So why is Google suddenly crap? Because I'm right. If they acknowledge that Google is not crap then they are forced down the path of admitting that the mathematics is correct, which forces them down the path to admitting that there is an upheaval in the field of mathematics—but dogmatically the field of mathematics has no major upheavals!!!

Human beings are kind of simple in their ability to be deluded. They can lie themselves into any particular belief that suits them.

As a person with physics training I'll admit I find it fascinating. A value taught to physics students is NOT taught to math students, clearly, from this ongoing refusal to accept all evidence.

Years ago I'd point out over and over again the fight with the distributive property. Posters would just reply over and over again that the distributive property wasn't being violated. So I'd show it being violated. They'd just say it wasn't! Round and round it'd go.

If mathematicians have as a firm belief that their field cannot have a major error then they just refuse all evidence.

It's REALLY HARD to imagine a greater demonstration than an error that has the ring of algebraic integers contradicting the field of complex numbers!!! It's easy to show that contradiction. Google itself will pull that contradiction up to #1 for you, indicating there are people who seem to know it exists!!!

So how do they continue in error? How does anybody?

After all, did Jesus actually walk on water?

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