Tuesday, August 17, 2010


JSH: Practice makes better

There are times I practice in posts. Actually a lot of times I practice in posts. It'd infuriate other posters at times, asking me, who are you talking to? What is this audience you're addressing?

I don't know how to talk to world leaders. It's outside my experience zone.

Without practice, if I get in a position to talk to them, how would I proceed?

Posters reply to me with absolute confidence that my ideas are junk and that no one listens to me, which they tell me a lot, or have told me a lot over the years. Easy for them to say. But I have to live my life. If I'm talking to a world leader down the line despite what some Usenet poster says today, how can I do so without practice?

And you're seeing what I might say.

And regardless of what some Usenet poster says in reply to me, I do have those hits according to Google Analytics and my message is a very negative one for academics. It is: do not just trust them. They can lie.

Practice makes better.

What you see on Usenet is practice.

I'm practicing talking to the world.

That audience that befuddled posters arguing with me for years is getting closer and closer.

The future is getting here. And that audience simply enough, will be the entire world.

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