Tuesday, August 17, 2010


JSH: May be serious this time

To world leaders, I'm wondering more and more if it wouldn't be simpler despite the fear of disruption to just fire the research side of professors across the world. Leave them to teach, but nothing more. It may seem harsh, or impossible, but what we've been seeing from mathematicians shows how deep the problem has gone.

The academic system is a medieval artifact. Our position today is undermined repeatedly by failures from that system.

I suggest we all consider carefully how it might be done.

There isn't a big hurry here. I'm thinking within two years is fast enough. They will howl, of course, but they've already done so for the marginal moves already made.

These people create their own reality and cannot be moved in THEIR OWN discipline to accept the truth if they decide it doesn't suit them.

This archaic system has passed its obsolescence date.

My position then is to move forward with plans to end the research arms of most universities worldwide.

Leave them to teach. But don't pretend that their research matters any more.

Our world has advanced beyond the academic system for research.

It is, of course, not my decision alone. You have time to consider.

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