Tuesday, August 24, 2010


JSH: Having your own "team", more on using Usenet

Some of you may notice that I post various mathematical issues and then people help me. Often while delivering insults. Seem odd? Welcome to yet another class on using Usenet.

Arguments drive Usenet. If you're not arguing with someone over math then you're probably not really doing anything.

As you argue with people, something odd can happen, they end up helping you critique your ideas and then seem to ENJOY it, even if they have to hurl insults at you along the way, just for denial purposes. Why? Who knows…

At the upper levels when you've gained a lot of mastery, you can then acknowledge the help. It doesn't seem to matter!

Often at times it's like I have this world-wide team of people who go about helping me at the drop of a hat on various mathematical issues, often while insulting me, attacking my ideas, and thereby removing any hope for themselves of credit for anything.

Bizarre, eh?

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