Friday, August 20, 2010


JSH: But is it funny too?

I can put out evidence that SHOULD be overwhelming to at least say that I'm not just some loser who has no valid or interesting mathematics at all. But none of it seems to work with math people!!! They're like, immune or something to evidence, including mathematical proof, or my having defined mathematical proof.

So yeah, you can search in Google: definition of mathematical proof

It gets MUCH weirder. I DID get published. Some person posted that on sci.math which infuriated some people and a few of them decided to write letters to the editors claiming—falsely—that I was wrong. They used the error I found to claim that my paper was in error. Amazing. So the editors freak, yank my paper after publication. The chief editor actually went on sabbatical—though maybe that was already planned? The journal managed one more edition, then SHUT- DOWN. Its hosting university SCRUBBED ALL MENTION of it from their webpages!!! It had been around for somewhere around TEN YEARS!!!

Search in Google is: SWJPAM

And here it's also wacky!!! That should give you a link to a European organization that archives mathematical journals from all over the world. Despite the American universities attempts to pretend the journal never existed EMIS kept it archived and did something more interesting in my opinion: they also restored my original paper with a link to it separately.

Oh, on a sidenote, I think it remarkable that an American university showed a dismal set of values, but a European group over-rode them to some extent. I think that is sadly telling about the state of my country. The United States tries hard. It talks a great game, but its actuality is often way, way, way below even minimal standards.

There is no way the United States of America gains prestige with this story. I have found myself recently noting that I'm a "black guy" in this country. Given the history of the United States when it comes to racial issues, I think it telling that certain elements in this country would maybe not like it so much to hear that there was a black major discoverer.

And so far, notice, they haven't had to be so bothered. Oh dear, don't want to DARE trouble them, eh?

No one wants to trouble the racists!!!

Greatness is as greatness does?

The Google search results are beyond belief at this point. Like recently I gave the world an idea for postal services. Not a random thing as the US Postal service is hurting as the web changes how people communicate and drops mail volume, so I'm trying to help them out. Google search: scan post office idea

I've also found it with just: post office idea

I like to give. But also what else can I do? If US citizens can just pretend that I don't have valuable research, then what should I do, mope? I have a duty to the world. Just because there are small- minded people who try to block me, I can't just shrug that responsibility off! The future demands certain things of me. I have a role to play.

So what could be funny about any of these things?

Well, the US DOES have a certain history, and some people within it seem to think that some races are better than others.

What if?

What if to prove that belief they'd rather stop human progress entirely? Isn't that funny?

As, how can you prove one race superior by having it try to destroy the future of the entire human race?

American racism is an odd animal. It is hard to kill. But oh does it like to make history.

I don't think anything like this situation has EVER happened in world history before—that a people tried to pretend that the next major discoverer had not arrived.

God has a sense of humor. If Americans had thought about it carefully, they'd have realized: of course the next major discoverer if he or she arrived in the United States of America, would be "black".

God. So cool. You gotta laugh, if you think it's funny.

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