Saturday, July 24, 2010


JSH: A very uneducated culture?

You know I just got through with some exchanges that were maybe heated a bit but not terribly more than normal, and the issue of probability and statistics has come up in my threads, and it occurs to me: how badly educated IS our modern culture?

How many people are there out there who think they understand issues like global warming but have no clue about the math?

They think they know, but they see a cold day in the summer and go to themselves, Hah!

Does Usenet maybe make it worse for some of them, by giving them the illusion that they're engaging in rational discourse even if they're painfully inept at it? How aware ARE posters in these math areas when they stumble mightily and show complete ignorance?

YES! I know many of you wish to say that's me! Ok then, use me as an example I don't care.

How big is it as an issue how uneducated our culture is when people are "loud and proud" and really to yell to the world their opinion on just about any issue?

For math relevance (it is a math newsgroup of course) to what extent are arguments on the sci.math newsgroup driven by a horrible understanding of the mathematics, as in pathetic to the point of absurd? Almost as if the person yollering knows next to no valid mathematics AT ALL?

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