Sunday, July 11, 2010


JSH: To my Chinese fans—thanks!!!

There has been a cool new reality to me of getting more positive support than in years past, from people writing Chinese. And I wanted to do a shout-out of thanks to my Chinese fans, hoping that this post will loop around the world like most of them do, so that they will see it, and sorry that I can't put it out in Chinese.

It does occur to me that an oddity of English speaking angry people ripping on my ideas night and day would be that those ideas would travel best in areas where that does not occur. And I think also that while I may have people interested in my work who speak English as well as Chinese, they probably are aware of the hostility from the English side so are safely sticking with Chinese.

I think that's a good idea.

It's best for people interested in my mathematical research who speak languages other than English to stick to those languages to stay away from the vitriol, angry hostility, and quite simply, rage of English speakers directed against my research and me.

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