Wednesday, July 14, 2010


JSH: They lie a lot

I used to get upset but now I find it just to be an odd lesson in human group dynamics when some poster or posters say something really mathematically wrong and other posters try to post support for them, when I jump on it.

(I like jumping with both feet and hitting as hard as I can when I get in the mood.)

It's so predictable. And it's so odd. It IS mathematics. It's not like the results will change.

And who cares really? So some Usenet posters get basic math facts wrong, why should other posters jump to their defense with so much gusto? Do they feel sorry for them? What? I find it somewhat puzzling as I'm not sure what they think they accomplish.

Will math people start believing that a prime gap equation already is accepted? No. Will they think better of the posters who screwed up? No. Will I accept their defense? No.

Will anyone really care? Probably not.

I think there are about a dozen posters who see themselves as like a gang, so they stand up for each other.

And they don't seem to care how obvious it is when they are wrong!

So at times like these I kind of settle in for batting practice, as I just kind of keep whacking for a while, as you will see in the threads, which is also why I tend then to put up more threads!!!

More opportunities to practice knocking them out of the park. Practice is important to give you that edge.

I like my edge.

It can get boring but I think practice is a good thing.

After all, in these situations, these are slow pitches to a home-run hitter.

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