Monday, July 12, 2010


JSH: There is only one

Oh yeah, there are areas where I have the world's only of something, and one such area is with prime gaps.

I have given the world's only prime gap equation.

There is only one.

Remarkably to me math people can be bizarre about their insistence on ignoring even dramatic mathematical discoveries—from people like me.

But it doesn't matter. Soon enough they will be dust, and their petty behavior fodder for history to ponder. Their own "research" long forgotten as so much of it is useless, or they probably wouldn't be so stupidly petty as they are today.

Only those with value can see value. Only those who have found value appreciate value.

So they are an odd point in history, which will pass.

Yet my prime gap equation will still be the world's only.

You see, there is only one.

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