Tuesday, July 20, 2010


JSH: Some history

It has been about two years since I noticed that some of my research I call surrogate factoring lead to a method for solving k^2 = q mod p, and what happened back when I did notice that and also still thought I had a good approach with my surrogate factoring is I promptly left it to think about the Traveling Salesman Problem. And I thought up this idea of having the traveling salesman going backwards in time to meet himself. So THAT idea is now two years old as well.

And then I did other things.

I'd talk about things related but I was actually scared of both results for different reasons, many of which I've given before so no reason to rehash them here. But eventually I came back to surrogate factoring and decided one group of equations didn't work that well after all, so focused on the part that could solve k^2 = q mod p, generalized it November of last year, and finally, belatedly this year generalized it fully to consider k^m = q mod N.

And I sent a paper to the Annals of Mathematics, got antsy and decided to post about it, to see what that might dredge up—maybe someone could thankfully clobber the result, kill it, dead—and I got the usual crap, but then someone mentioned discrete logarithms—the "Mark Murray" poster—and next thing you know I've figured out a way this approach can handle discrete logarithms and got really scared again.

Now with time and distance I'm calmer so yes, this iteration of posting is almost over. But I think posters who see a static situation here where I just do the same thing over and over again are in a strange fantasy world of their own, as I've progressed over multiple lines of research, and quite often taken long breaks from a particular line for various reasons, including when it terrified me.

These results terrify me.

I have no problem with wandering off for YEARS, and am in the process of doing just that, while the paper at the Annals may offer a chance of something happening, I've dealt with them before, and see them as being as corrupt as the rest of modern math society so no major expectations.

So nothing more from me should be expected on this subject, possibly for years.

If that comforts you, fine. If you think it's a great thing. Ok. But if these results can be developed, then I'm not doing it.

I'm running away from them. Fast.

And that is what this post is about: me running away. So in a sense the heart of the k^m = q mod N result is about 2 years old. I could probably have had the result 2 years ago. I didn't want it then and I don't want it now. But if I have it, others have it, and probably HAVE had it, for maybe 2 years.

So posters can reply as they will. I've posted longer this time as for me posting in a public forum gives me the sense that hey, at least I can still post! And that tells me things. I'm also the one who is often dragging his feet and I leave all kinds of research up in the air, as I have so much anyway, and a lot of it, terrifies me.

But it looks like I can just walk away here. So will walk away, can stop posting, and wander off to do other things. It seems to me that it is possible that the full general result is two years old anyway, as if someone were following me, they could generalize easily, so if it HAS been developed, it doesn't need my input any more anyway, as I'd be two years behind, and it doesn't matter as I'm not DOING ANYTHING ELSE any way.

I emphasize that I'm no longer working in this area. It is on the back-burner like so many other results.

You're on your on.

I am walking away.

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