Monday, July 19, 2010


JSH: So what happened?

To people today Gauss is a name, of a person who lived a long time ago, and they're told he did great things. But to his contemporaries he was the one to beat. The best of his times. When he died the push to find something great lead a world astray.

With him gone, the mathematicians of his time could go astray.

Prime numbers have no preference. To consider all twin primes up to 25, you only need 3, as 3 commands them.

5 mod 3 = 2 so there must be a twin prime. But 7 mod 3 = 1, so there cannot be. Because 9 has 3 as a factor.

For 11, you have 11 mod 3 = 2, so you have a twin prime. But 13 mod 3 = 1, so no twin prime.

17 mod 3 = 2, so a twin prime. But 19 mod 3 = 1, so none.

And 23 mod 3 = 2, but finally 5 steps up, so no twin prime.

Then 3 and 5 command all twin primes until 49.

It is trivial. It was always trivial.

But if you believe that it's not trivial, then you can wrap up the prime distribution itself. The count of primes up to 25 is approximately 25/ln 25 and you can put that into it and make this complicated thing, and say you're doing great things and pretend to be like Gauss.

I've asked, why do math research?

None of you know why. You don't know why because if you did then you would not believe in wrong things. You would not hold so desperately on false beliefs, false hopes, false dreams.

Because out of what is wrong comes not the strength of the human race. What you build upon the lies will not stand. What you do with the praise of people who believe in you wrongly, will not take you far.

Your world changes beneath you. As it shifts you hold on desperately as if you can comfort each other with words then you believe you can keep going if only for just one more day, as you remember the previous day and that seemed to work.

But this world is about actions and your warnings are nearly done. Few of you have a clue of the world that is coming no more than you knew this one today would be here, and your warnings are about your physical safety but I know for some of you such warnings mean nothing as you are past caring about dying.

I have done my best. But you must understand that for many of you this story may end in a very short time, less than a few years in your fellow human beings exacting a steep price upon you.

I will try to save you as I can. At least some of you. What you have not understood is that Evolution is about survival.

And surviving is about being right. For some of you soon, I will be the only thing keeping you from death.

We are nearly there.

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