Thursday, July 01, 2010


JSH: Situation just became serious

My concern has been that fundamental equations in modular arithmetic could be exploited rather quickly and it appears with my latest efforts that that concern may be correct.

With the approach to discrete logarithms I've found it appears you CAN optimize the approach, and even though that involves looking for factors q^2 mod N, near N^2, it appears that it's easy to come up with a method that would allow factoring numbers on that scale as it's NOT a factorization where you don't have more tools from the idea itself.

Some of you may think this situation is a game. I assure you it is not.

My own hope had been that the research was far away from a trivial optimization but it appears that it is closer than I realized.

I would assume that there are people who are aware of that now as well.

It's not clear to me what to do, but my own hope is that some clear heads will realize the need to notify the US Government.

Unfortunately there may be enough in postings for a clever person to work out the details, which was not my wish, but things worked out faster than I realized until after postings. I often get my best ideas after posting.

Some sensible person needs to maybe quietly do their own tests and notify the US Government. There is no need to post about it on Usenet. I will not post further if I can help it after this post, and will not explain further, but may post again as I see necessary to try and help someone understand the seriousness of the situation.

Worst case can be a collapse of military grade encryption worldwide.

NO ONE is to use said information for stock trading. Or for any financial gain. The money will just be taken back from you later anyway.

Nations who get this message should simply go to procedures put in place for such an eventuality. World will probably be on various stages of high alert, indefinitely.

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