Thursday, July 22, 2010


JSH: Prime gap equation, 3 years grace

Posters like to attack my prime residue axiom by picking on a single prime, like claiming that p mod 3 does show some kind of regularity, like today I saw a post saying 1 follows 2 or 2 follows 1 as a residue or something of that nature, when the full axiom covers ALL EVEN PRIME GAPS which leads to the prime gap equation. And I've noted there is only one.

So the prime gap equation can be programmed, and used against all prime gaps out to millions upon millions of primes.

That test I'm sure will end all rational debate.

It is a test I have said I would not do for at least three years and I think I said that about a year ago, so there are around two years grace left for the mathematical and physics community as my results have implications for group theory as well.

To end the grace period some dumbass would have to claim a twin primes conjecture proof and get credited for it, or claim a Goldbach's conjecture proof and get credit, and then I've said I could just go ahead and kill that noise by doing the above.

So the math committees won't do it, I'm sure. So it's like you're wasting your time to try. No matter what "proof" you may think you have, you'll get shot down faster than Goldstone did (of course he was shot down before I ever said I wouldn't allow it).

(The math error allows a "proof" of just about anything. So there may be people who have to be blocked by the math committee when they put forward an argument correct by the established mathematical ideas.)

Which raises the question, if I can end the debate, why not just do it immediately?

Well, if I do it, I'm certain there would still be a lot of arguing, and a lot more ignoring. It'd be an uphill climb with lots of denial, where I'd be pushing people against a wall. That's not safe for ME to do. Some of you may notice that I put things out there for others to do, as I think there's safety in numbers.

And it's weird to me that there is the prime gap equation hanging out there. Which means there are these people going about their lives with this thing hanging over their heads. And it's curious that they would do so, but hey, you do what you feel like you have to do…

Real world is a nasty place. It's competitive, and it's not some fictional story. People clash and fight over all kinds of things and it can get REALLY nasty. To most of you none of that matters as you're not important enough for it to matter. What you say on Usenet is as worthless as what you do in your daily lives. You CAN say anything. Few people, if any, actually care.

But I'm one guy. I push math people just so far. And then I back down. Which has been going on for years, as I know that when it gets too nasty then people can get physical. So there is a three year grace which could be extended. Years can go by, and I've noted I'm getting comfortable with 2030 as I ponder this situation and see a math community that is settled into error at such a depth that more than likely, yes, things would get physically violent if I pushed too hard.

That the human species will allow itself to be paused for that long could be about destiny.

Truth can be too expensive you see. And at the end of the day, ignorance is the natural human condition for most. And it doesn't seem to keep them from doing the most important thing they do: reproduce.

As long as people keep making babies, it doesn't matter much if their math is wrong.

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