Sunday, June 13, 2010


JSH: Yeah fame is weird

About a decade or so ago some poster noted in reply to me that I was famous and I replied back that no, I'm infamous. But I guess it really is about how you define "fame" and everybody seems to have their own personal definition.

But, I am read in somewhere around 120 countries that I can verify just by hits to my math blog as reported by Google Analytics. Search strings around my research tend to be in the top 10 at a level that indicates people driving them there from all over the world.

But you may say, you KNOW fame, and there's no way that any of that matters as you don't see me on television, don't read newspaper articles about me. I'm not on Youtube even! How can I be famous?

Well it turns out that I'm read in about 120 countries according to Google Analytics just for hits to my math blog, on a yearly basis.

A lot of people narrowly define fame around celebrity, and ten around the most visible celebrities, or around some vague notion of it that makes sense to them.

But for a while now I've been probably the most influential single human being in the math field on the planet by far.

I've actually been hoping to avoid celebrity. Seems it can be kind of annoying.

So I've been impacting the math field for a while now and noting that impact, as I try to adjust it to the implications of some of my results and hopefully minimize the damage, especially the collateral damage. It's a scary task. Quite simply I've been re-working the mathematical field worldwide, slowly and steadily, for years now.

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