Tuesday, June 29, 2010


JSH: World of insecurity?

When back in 2004 I realized that my research showing a conflict between algebraic integers and the field of complex numbers would not be accepted by mathematicians who would rather be in error, I decided I needed to find something that could not just be ignored, and I thought the factoring problem was that thing.

Here we are 6 years later and on a convoluted path I've found methods for handling k^m = q mod N through integer factorization, something I designated surrogate factoring, and I was wrong, as it is, it seems, being ignored!

And I realize that years can go by yet again.

There is nothing that will work. There is no discovery that will change these people. Nothing.

But the world should be ok. Years ago I'd worry a lot but from what I've seen, no matter how much "experts" screw-up, people just keep going about their business, if they can. Like now with the oil spill in the gulf.

Experts have no accountability in the modern world.

You don't have to be right!

You can be complete idiots as long as there is a gang of you, and you say things that aren't true, make claims that aren't true, and risk other people's lives because you know it will not matter for you in the long run. No one really cares.

Oddly enough the world can remain quite secure no matter how powerful the mathematical ideas I've found may be because BELIEF controls people to such a degree that no one may bother to exploit the information.

Sitting here I realize that knowledge can be a curse in a world where knowledge is not needed to be correct as you look at idiots do well, ripping on people who are right, but it doesn't matter, because most people go with the idiots, so even when disaster strikes, they stick with them, for reasons maybe God only truly knows.

But that's the real world. I'll quietly celebrate my own findings like I usually do in a world that does not care, and not worry. I wish I knew years ago what I know now: fools are often safe because of their own stupidity.

I'm not worried about the world.

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