Sunday, June 13, 2010


JSH: Why being right isn't enough

People wonder how you can argue on Usenet, or in other places, endlessly over subjects like math, and you can look over my recent Usenet postings to see how, as if other people refuse to accept something because they find it distasteful or repugnant, then they can just refuse to accept it.

There is no other known general method other than brute force for finding k, when k^m = q mod N, besides what I found.

Now a rational person learning that a new way has been discovered would find that exciting—if it came from established sources.

But the fact coming from me gets a lot of denial in response as that changes the status quo. And people are social animals.

So yeah, I've seen this behavior for years. Human beings are not rational creatures they are social creatures.

Of course cryptology people will proclaim they'd accept a major new find from any source, reality is, ask yourself: is there any other known general method OF ANY TYPE besides brute force for finding k, when k^m = q mod N besides what I found?

If the answer is, no. Then you're risking national security by ignoring this result.

And no matter what your social gut tells you now, if any of you have security clearances in ANY COUNTRY around the globe, at a minimum those will be stripped from you later, and you will become persona non grata within the security community.

As hindsight is 20-20 and cruel. No government will trust you later no matter what explanation you try to give.

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