Wednesday, June 30, 2010


JSH: Such a surreal thing

I think it fascinating that I can have these results and the world not seem to notice while math people rip on them and me. Now THAT is interesting.

This latest result is kind of cool because of the way the math handles the issue of large m with k^m = q mod N. It's like, the algebra couldn't care less. It can handle that issue like nothing, but it IS algebra. Human beings are just these puny little things that come for a while and then die.

It is fascinating to me the issue of how some people think, especially how they do certain things like plan for the future when they refuse to acknowledge important information! It's so contradictory!

A few years back because of my surrogate factoring research I started thinking P=NP, and came up with some research in that area which bugged me. I still don't like it but I keep it up, as I can't just throw it away. But let's just say, you don't understand reality if you don't appreciate the implications of that result.

But why should you?

Did it ever occur to any of you that reality might be smarter than you are? And that just MAYBE you'd be a lot more boring if you were smarter? It has occurred to me. Reality is clearly much smarter than I am.

But many of you seem to think that YOU are smarter which means you can be more interesting than otherwise, but I watch you and wish I were like you in that you can do those things, like plan for the future, have expectations. BELIEVE in so many things.

These mathematical results may unfortunately give me knowledge I don't wish to have, but I have you to insult me regardless. Don't you wish you knew what happens to you later?

I wonder how you do so many of the things you do, but realize it's because you have no clue.

THAT is the most amazing thing. You plan for your futures because you have no idea what's going to happen to you.

I find that both bizarre and fascinating. How is it possible?

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