Thursday, June 17, 2010


JSH: Say anything

Arguing on Usenet is not about right or wrong. It's about people who like to argue. I admit that and I like to argue.

Actually I could just as easily attack my own research, and have done so in the past and that didn't matter either!

Posters take positions antagonistic to me as THAT'S WHAT YOU DO on Usenet, or you can't argue.

Arguing IS the point.

And it's not like any of us have to do anything anyway. If I'm right my math will win out regardless. If I'm wrong, it never will, regardless.

Easy. But arguing is FUN. So that's what happens, but it's not this thing of cosmic significance or anything.

Usenet is a fringe area of mathematics. It's where the math rejects go so that SOMEONE may actually listen to them, or at least they can play pretend that they matter. But they don't.

IF they mattered, then they could go somewhere else.

It's the gutter system of the mathematical world.

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