Saturday, June 05, 2010


JSH: Importance of knowledge

I want to emphasize to all of you that the issue is one of a potential technological shift.

If you know your history you should know the importance of technology, from the military tactics of the Roman legions, to the sailing ships of Europeans, and the computers of our modern age, the civilizations with the technological edge, win.

If a country like North Korea or Iran gets through the door on a major exploit then you can wake up in a world where technology has shifted in a way you cannot foresee,

But the future you may live to witness may be one where the dominant country is one you would say can't be dominate that fast, or ever, today.

Also on the darker side what you cannot imagine now can be very clear to people later evaluating behaviors around this result. It is not fun and games if you're facing some people in your home country and they're asking you why you did not do what they would have expected.

Depending on the country what you say then, or what you can say, may mean life or death for you.

So some readers around the world are now in a more delicate position for that reason alone, regardless of anything else.

Because in your country, doing nothing may be seen as a failed test of loyalty. A betrayal of your state. A failure to your country and its leaders.

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