Saturday, February 06, 2010


JSH: Your life

Posters work hard to make me seem like a bad guy, but mathematics is not about personality.

It also doesn't care about politics. Or have an interest in whether or not you waste your life and energy doing nothing that is correct.

REAL WORLD though, there are people in this world who will take the money for doing something that is wrong.

They just don't care if they're wrong—if they are paid.

Some of you are those kind of people. You don't give a damn if your mathematics is wrong if people think it's right as BELIEF is what you want, not correctness.

Belief can pay the bills as people pay a "researcher" for doing the opposite of their stated job. Paying a person to be wrong, and to fight the truth rather than discover it.

But the world can be kind of dumb. The world can be freaking STUPID. Real math students know that anyway.

They love mathematics because it is beyond human stupidity, when it is correct.

The entire world can hate you. People can line up for days to claim you are wrong. The world can do surveys. Run polls. People can get on talk shows and talk about what an idiot you are. Oprah can do a special on your stupidity.

But if you have a mathematical proof you are right.

You can be right and the entire world be wrong.

For the true math students that is part of the appeal of the field, and why they fight for mathematical proof.

I had to DEFINE it to fight the corruption in the current modern math field! Mathematical proof is defended by real mathematicians.

Everyone else who doesn't defend its value claiming to be a "mathematician" is a pretender.

As then you have the chaos of democracy. You may as well just run an opinion poll to figure out what "proof" is going to be accepted by the current math community, as it is corrupted by people who cannot handle the standard of truth.

For some people truth is a bar that is too high for them to reach.

They lie because they aren't good enough to tell the truth. It's that simple.

Mathematics is a hard discipline. Many will claim the title mathematician, but few can do the real job. So some people cheat.

It's that simple.

It's your life. For some of you accepting reality means you cannot be in the field because you cannot work without cheating. You cannot find the proofs, so you lie.

But for some of you, a life of a lie is no life at all. In the mathematical field or out of it, you wish to be, true.

Then what I offer is the simplest thing of all to you. The joy of discovery. The thrill of being right.

Knowledge beyond human opinion polls. Knowledge that will outlive you, me and the entire human species.

Mathematical proof is your friend. Mathematics loves you when you love the truth not because it has emotions, but because it will stand by you when the entire world stands against you.

And it will win. Always.

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