Tuesday, February 02, 2010


JSH: Twin primes literature, Ribenboim

It's weird how mathematicians screwed up twin primes. Looking at MathWorld on their twin primes article I can find the probabilistic formula wrapped up in an equation attributed to Ribenboim:


eqn: (3)

Looking at it, it appears that they tossed in the prime distribution, clearly seen squared, of all things, with x/ln x. And you have the probability formula wrapped up in there:

((p_j - 2)/(p_j -1))*((p_{j-1} - 2)/(p_{j-1} - 1))*…*(1/2)

where you can see it by simplifying 1 - 1/(p-1)^2, as that's p(p-2)/(p-1)^2, so you get this excess p/(p-1).

What a nutty mess!

How did that dingbat come up with that crap?

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