Monday, February 01, 2010


JSH: Defining random?

I'm posting a lot now because for years I've pondered the issue of random. Some may not know that defining "random" is a HUGE big deal, and years ago I came across clear evidence that random may be based on prime behavior.

If true that can mean a lot for our world.

That prime numbers may give random to the world by residue and them not caring about particular residues is a fascinating implication, if true.

There are physics implications as well but I'm leaving this subject for now on the students newsgroup—as they need to be part of this event—and on sci.math itself.

Years to ponder. I'm lucky. I get to think about things for quite a while before I move forward.

Now is the time to move forward with the prime residue axiom and the possible answer to one of the greatest questions human beings have ever raised:

What is random?

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