Saturday, January 09, 2010


JSH: Understanding consequences and get a clue!

I think some of you have thought for years now that even if I'm right it does not matter, but if I'm right and you know that but you're a physicist with a big career based on theories relying on the bogus math or you're a grad student who sees his future dependent on the bogus math, and you now know that Group Theory will not work then you know ahead of time that the Large Hadron Collider will not give results that help you.

The problems of the Large Hadron Collider can be explained, when you know about this massive error, by deliberate sabotage.

And THAT is how important it is for those of you who rationalize away a massive math error like this one.

Nations in charge of the LHC should have outside observers to protect the LHC and should consider criminal investigations to see if there has been deliberate sabotage.

Not knowing about the error they would not understand the motivation for the crime, if it has occurred.

The battle here is for the heart and soul of physics and the future of human science.

If these people succeed they may have critical mass to keep bogus results for CAREERS, requiring they deny valid experimental results that interfere with the dogma they wish to keep in place.

If that happens you will not be able to block them by experimental results.

They'll have the power to just deny any result you may present, and simply call you a crackpot.

Physics will become a religion, and physicists will simply be its priesthood.

Protect my LHC. That is your best hope now. These people are very powerful at this point. And they are dedicated, and they do not believe in what you believe. They are trying to take over physics like they took over mathematics.

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