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JSH: Scarier implications

For years I'd rant and rave at the math community (and sometimes this community) about the implications of ignoring my research, and when I was working at the factoring problem I'd rant and rave about the dangers to the world economy if it were not acknowledged, so me ranting and raving is old hat.

Years of doing it, I've noticed it has not worked, but here I am again, with a new one.

I discovered what I now call non-polynomial factorization years ago, and thought I'd proven Fermat's Last Theorem with the method back in 2002. At the same time I found my own prime counting function, a P(x,y) function where P(x,sqrt(x)) = pi(x), where pi(x) is the traditional prime counting function math people usually use.

With the non-polynomial factorization research I found what I first thought was just an esoteric problem in number theory that had been there for a bit over a hundred years and posted accordingly. It was actually I thought a reach to even post on sci.physics about the issue, as I slowly came to believe that Galois Theory was severely impacted but for years didn't accept that group theory was as well.

But now I understand the full implications of the "core error" and they are huge.

Now I'm here to say that the proton does not have 3 charged particles. It has only one, and that quarks can't be separated for mathematical reasons related to this issue. I also know that Galois Theory tells you nothing, so group theory tells you nothing, and particles can move about inside the nucleus in ways you don't properly understand. And be different particles from what you think is possible.

So there are physics implications.

If I'm wrong, no big deal. Just more crackpot rantings. But if I'm right then that means that someone can do their physics right.

The mathematical correction is now available. It's just a matter of accepting what is true, figuring out the correct theoretical physics, and the right experimental physics and Mother Nature will reward accordingly.

IN the past I've read about problems with the Large Hadron Collider with little interest, followed some later with humor about its weird travails, and laughed at insane theories about the Universe blocking it, only to find a deepening dread recently as I understood that human sabotage of it is unfortunately the real answer, and deliberate by people who understand that its results will continue to blow the Standard Model apart.

I barely even remember much about the Standard Model now. I haven't kept up with the latest research in high particle physics and knowing about the massive mathematical error I'm glad I didn't waste my mental energy, but now I'm sure there must be growing problems shoe-horning results into established thinking and some among you may understand that the LHC will just make that worse.

And it should. Your math is wrong. So your theory is wrong.

I think some of you see this situation as a personal battle between me and your society, as if I'm this mean guy who wants to make you feel silly and small, and demean your "accomplishments" in life. Hey the world believes in you, why should you take this crap from some nobody labeled a "crackpot" and a "crank"? Why listen to some "kook" on Usenet?

Ok. Make it personal and live your life in vain. Do worthless experiments that do not work because you math is crap. Spend your energy living a lie but at the end of the day you will still just be one more wrong person living in denial.

History is FULL of people like you.

But history is made by people like me and the group which may be in almost any nation on the planet now who does the correct math, has the correct theory, and for that reason has the right nuclear physics, and THEY will inherit the earth.

The irony for people living their lives in the so-called developed nations around the world who think their efforts are what matter may be that their physicists decided their fate, when technological change is ushered in by a surprise nation which then takes over as the world leader.

Technology and science have determined the dominant nation or nations.

If you sit now and do nothing you hand over the future to the people who DO and not a single American or a single Brit or a single French person or whomever who works hard now until that change will make a difference. And it won't be the business people who did it, nor the politicians. It will have been the physicists.

When the Mongol hordes swept the world they did it on technology, not morality, or ethics, or by just being really fine human beings.

And the will of the people they conquered didn't matter. Like it didn't matter in Hiroshima and Nagasaki when atomic bombs didn't stop to ask what were they wearing? Atomic weaponry didn't care about their goldfish. It didn't stop to ask for permission from pregnant women, or old men, or poets. It killed them anyway.

The future of this planet is decided by technology. And the nation or nations that will dominate this planet will have the correct mathematics, and the correct science.

Your opinion on the subject is not needed.

Forget your egos idiots. You do nothing and you damn your countries to being behind in the next race. That's all.

It's not personal. It's science.

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