Sunday, January 31, 2010


JSH: May empty entire math departments

It's past time for me to remind that I'm not looking for agreement as one of my major issues will be pushing a lot of academics out of academia, and at this point, I'm facing the horrible reality that at some universities most and maybe all of the mathematicians may be pushed out of departments.

So yeah, big fights ahead and lots of angry people who will be crying no fair, but I'm looking at overwhelming evidence and for people who need to see how bad it is, do that search on twin primes probability.

Search: twin primes probability

Pick your search engine as well as I see it in Google and Yahoo! and my point to the world is that people paid to come up with convoluted explanations will ignore simple, and it's for MONEY.

Take the money away and only the best people will stay.

Top mathematicians for real will work without funding!!!

None of my mathematical research has relied on public funds.

NONE of it.

Cut funding. Get rid of the people in it for the money. Then we can have real math departments re-built from the people who prove their worth.

Of course only at the top universities are entire departments likely to go because the standards are so high there, while elsewhere teaching and non-research positions will remain. And I recognize that math people who cannot do decent original research still have value as teachers!!!

But they are just that then, teachers. So no more pretending that they are more.

Ok, so gearing up for the fight now. As time moves forward more of you will be aware of decisions being made at high levels to reduce funding.

Don't worry about convincing me of anything or think I'm trying to convince you of anything.

Decisions have already been made. Positions are set.

Battle lines are drawn.

There is no more convincing to be done on either side.

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