Sunday, January 17, 2010


JSH: Losing the Standard Model

I realized that I needed to make a thread that specifically states that the Standard Model fails because of the "core error" and note that the Large Hadron Collider will experimentally verify that the Standard Model fails.

So that's what this thread is for, establishing now that I'm saying the LHC will blow up the Standard Model and that I feel confident that there are mathematical reasons for why the Standard Model does fail, which go back to what I call the "core error".

Particles like the proton may be a shell over which a larger number of particles than physicists previously realized can operate, where only one of them actually has charge which is +1.

Kind of like how Apple Corporation can represent a slew of people, but they need to be making Mac's and iPhones among other things.

The collapse of the Standard Model could usher in a golden age for nuclear physics allowing nuclear physics to begin catching up with the successes of QED. The benefits to the human species should be immense. My favorite possibility is practical nuclear fusion.

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