Sunday, January 31, 2010


JSH: But who trusts Usenet?

One of the reasons I decided to talk about twin primes again and show that trivial little result for calculating twin primes probability using the simple idea that primes don't care about a particular quadratic residue relative to other primes is that I've done web searches where I've found people describing me as I've been described on Usenet.

And that is just so remarkably stupid to me that there are these people out there who don't understand Usenet, so they repeat almost verbatim crap that posters say about me.

So I'm reading on some thing "mstd" or something like that where this guy is talking about me as someone who comes up with bogus math every few months, argues with people who shoot it down, and then I supposedly go away and come back with some new bogus math.

But do a search on: twin primes probability

Reality is that I put up math results that are correct, a lot of liars attack the research, which roars up on Google searches, and I have hits to my math blog from 50+ countries EVERY 30 DAYS so why would any moron on MSTD or anywhere else trust some idiot whose one thing is that they reply to me incessantly, night and day, in true stalker behavior?

Who are these fools who don't understand Usenet?

Ok, for any other dumbasses around the world who do not know what Usenet is.

It is a place where ANYONE can say ANYTHING and there are people who obsessively stalk posters who get a lot of attention.

These stalkers do not have good ideas of their own.

But they want attention anyway.

On Usenet if you do not have good ideas of your own you can get attention by attacking people who do.

Because you do not get attention by agreeing with people who have good ideas.

You get attention by attacking them.

THEY get attention because they have good ideas.

You get attention by insulting their good ideas.

That's how Usenet works.

People like me put ideas up here anyway because I can pull attention worldwide and it's a fast way to get read in countries around the world, and it's also a good way to throw out ideas you are working on and to see what happens.

BUT IF YOU TRUST these morons on these newsgroups just because they obsessively reply to someone like me then you are a complete fucking idiot.

Just a complete fucking idiot.

Now go MIST that.

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