Tuesday, December 29, 2009


JSH: So yes, replacement is necessary

One thing I've been fascinated by is the notion that I'm looking for acceptance of my research from academics, when I continually note that the modern academic system is a failure. So obviously I'm looking to replace that system as well as the people in it.

So my research is available online to teach.

The generation growing up with it will be able to do things that most of you could never imagine, but most importantly they'll have examples of behaviors not acceptable for the future.

Academics are negative models.

Your purpose if you are an academic is to demonstrate a failed approach for students who have been warned about you, so that they can navigate in your world while you maintain control, until they replace you.

Already it is vastly clear that our world is greatly hampered by the failures of physicists and mathematicians especially in the area of particle physics, where the understanding of the nucleus can be considered to be near zero. Sure people know how to make bombs or build primitive nuclear power plants, but the REAL advances escape you.

Practical nuclear fusion is out of your reach. It is not out of the reach of the students of the valid research.

There is no fractional charge. The proton is made up of a positive charged particle with two uncharged particles, bound to it for mathematical reasons.

THAT alone may have been enough for supposedly top physicists if they knew of my research to band with supposedly top mathematicians in doing what they thought was smart suppression. Believing they could not stand a world where so much of what they prized as their own achievements were colored by corrections.

But their behavior is irrelevant.

I figured out a while back when the math world broke its own rules that it had to be replaced, not convinced.

Math people killed one of their own math journals.

That takes malice aforethought. Willing error. Deliberate connivance.

No way the world needed these people long-term in powerful positions.

As students of my research read these words they need to understand that the world they live in today is nothing like the world they will create tomorrow.

Failures are models of what not to do, not reasons to despair about what will be.

The future of the human race was not made in a hundred years, so the failures of so many in the past hundred will not settle its fate.

It is up to those who actually prize knowledge and the pursuit of truth to look forward to the goals ahead, if they are to be readily achieved.

Professors may try to get smarter in weeding you out. So you must be smarter in hiding, for now.

But you own the future.

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