Saturday, December 12, 2009


JSH: Sadly cynical I guess

So yeah, I had an epiphany recently that if people realized they could humiliate academics with this error then maybe there'd be progress which is sadly cynical.

After years of trying the positive routes—like publication, wow they killed the entire freaking math journal—or even negative ones with rants against academics I felt were lying or willfully remaining ignorant, I've concluded that giving ordinary citizens the power to shred the dignity of professors is the last most potent route left.

And THAT will interest people.

Forget about abstract math and the fate of humanity or the importance of science and discovery, but making some proud professor at, say, Harvard look like an idiot? Now THAT will interest people.

And it can be done.

The error is a key into an exclusive world.

It is a way for regular people to shred down the Ivory Tower.

To humble proud people.

And that is too appealing I think to pass up.

In the process, make no mistake, they'll probably end academia as it currently operates.

But I warned you on that score.

I'm enlisting an army. That army will go to war against your pride, your prestige, and ultimately, your position as a professor, if you are one.

The last thing to go.

Better re-think your retirement plans. Some of you will need new careers to replace the one you're about to lose.

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