Saturday, December 12, 2009


JSH: Kind of a weird story, I guess

Admittedly it is sort of a big deal to have to explain that over one hundred years ago a rather profound and somewhat subtle error entered into number theory, and the error propagated, so now it appears it impacted particle physics in the form of group theory, so, um, you don't quite know nearly as much as you may think you know about subatomic particles.

For years I've talked about this issue not entirely to convince others but to convince myself.

So Usenet has helped me to slowly get used to the idea, accept it, and realize its full consequences (I think).

Along the way I advanced mathematics as well. THAT has taken a while to get used to as well. (Just seems so strange but do a search on tautological spaces.)

So the story is kind of weird, but also rather fascinating, and it raises some serious implications about science and technology, as in, um, we're not really started yet.

If the human species is working with slightly off theories when it comes to particle physics, and is using flawed mathematics then of course that could hold things up in terms of advancement.

The scarier thing that may result from removing those blocks is an explosion of development.

I've considered that resistance to my research—after all I have mathematical proofs to back it—may be a reflex reaction of humanity as a whole to prevent a serious increase in the rate of technological advance.

Maybe some kind of natural break that the species unconsciously uses in order to limit change.

Or I've thought it could be aliens.

The correct mathematical ideas and understanding of particle physics could lead to technology that would allow us to leave our planet, so an alien species might see a low tech and possibly "legal" way in their arena of holding humanity to planet earth by blocking acceptance of mathematical advances.

And that is nutty. But I've had to contemplate it as a serious issue, as of course, if it were true, and the aliens saw me as a person who could move things forward then that might not be such a good thing. Some of my posts have probed this issue and offered the possibility that I might just kind of do other things if needed. After all, if there were some alien species interfering, I wouldn't have a snowballs chance in hell. Real life is not a sci-fi movie. No miracle solutions. But I've decided that alien interference appears to be very unlikely, or if it exists, there are rules preventing the aliens from blocking me further, or more directly.

Oh yeah, another possibility are modern day Luddites. People who hate science and technology, who might see a quantum leap in human understanding which could lead to incredible scientific advance as a threat.

They could actually be scarier than aliens.

IN any event, looks like I've been right on the math. It's probable that physics is screwed up in some ways. Not terribly clear what advances would come from the correct math. And who knows? Maybe there are aliens interfering.

But what can you do?

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