Tuesday, December 29, 2009


JSH: Assessment took years

Back when I was first working on my own amateur mathematical research the idea was that the longshot would be actually finding anything important, or even correct, not getting it eventually accepted. Resistance seemed possible but my belief then was that reason would prevail with academics.

But of course since then I've not only had results I believe are correct which are still actively resisted but I've watched a mathematical journal publish, pull after publication, and then die.

Clearly I had to re-think what I thought was the harder thing.

But also I had to evaluate the academic world that had behaved in a surprising manner. And that evaluation to be thorough required years of painstaking observation. Usenet has been just one part of that process. But an integral part as here I could put out ideas, like I'm doing now, which go worldwide, with relative ease.

AFTER years of study the best assessment at this time is that there are in fact mathematical academics who are deliberately ignoring basic research that reverses certain mathematical positions held for a bit over a century. That strategy appears to be aimed at suppressing the acceptance of the information and would seem to be to these academics the most effective strategy they have for such suppression.

That appears to be occurring in all major countries worldwide. It represents a fascinating fraud which for the moment appears to have escaped government authorities.

My secondary assessment which took a couple of years is that in the scientific community, specifically in the arena of theoretical physicists associated with "String Theory" and with particle physics research there is also a strategy of suppression by deliberate ignoring.

It is harder to assess how widespread that is among physicists with my current best assessment being that it is at least widespread in the United States and Europe.

Surprisingly to me these academics seem to have a rather basic notion of how information travels and gains acceptance. Their behavior appears to be their own opinion of the best strategy for longterm suppression of the information.

(It is possible that some have undertaken sabotage against experiments or experimental equipment which would cast further doubt on the "Standard Model" and remarkably may have come up with bizarre explanations for that sabotage citing almost supernatural intervention! Or in one case, blaming birds.)

My full assessment is that in most major countries scientists and academics represent a second country and hold allegiance to it in a way that can be against their own actual countries.

I have noted a high level security threat for all major countries from individuals most affected by the error.

There is a secondary threat I've noted from a high level agency, the National Security Agency of the United States aka the NSA, which can be considered to be severely compromised because of its high concentration of mathematicians presumably many of which are effected by the error.

That agency at this time can report just about anything, I fear. And can ignore anything including high level security threats against the US, as its members are part of that "second country" while claiming allegiance to the US.

The threat level potential for people with the level of expertise covered by this issue is the highest and leaves open the possibility of a nuclear event. Unfortunately, these people might feel it justified rather than live in a world where their current status is, they believe, severely threatened.

There are any number of state agencies affected around the world. As well as security agencies around the world.

The situation is quite remarkable.

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